“I feel better already.”

It starts with a choice. The decision to learn what works best for you and your body on any given day so you can feel and do your best.  The knowledge of knowing when to push through, when to pull in and when to hang tight or loose. At HEAL we offer a wide variety of techniques to best suit you and your body’s needs.  We believe in a balanced approach with equal parts education and treatment to teach you how to better communicate with your own body and achieve lasting benefits.

All services will be customized to your particular needs on each visit. We don’t feel the same from day to day so our treatments can’t be the same from day to day. You can sign up for your desired time and choose how active you would like your treatment to be. We can spot treat acute injuries and dysfunctions or get in there and work through those deep seated issues that have been nagging at you for years.

Licensed massage therapist
JFB myofascial certified
ASTYM mobilization specialist

Conveniently located at 713 Jefferson Ave Toledo, OH 43604

(inside of GameFit HQ)

Make the choice to call or text: 419-277-5548