Longevity: How long do you want?

30 Min: $50

60 Min: $85

90 Min: $120

120 Min: $150

Awareness:  How much do you want to do?

  1. Zero. Zip. Nothing. NiNight. I’m good to flip over one time. Your time to surf the astral plane and feel great when you get back.
  2. Light participation including stretching, repositioning, light exercises on the table. Good pain relief and improved awareness of the body and breath.
  3. More involved stretching and exercises to help with postural imbalances and address strength and ROM deficits.
  4. All in. Let’s do this, whatever it takes. I’m ready to help you help me.


Treatments may consist of any or all of the following:

Traditional Swedish Massage Therapy – Improve all functions of the body with light to deep pressure

John F. Barnes  Myofascial Release – It takes time to make changes that last. A soft sustained release.

Muscle Energy Technique – Use your body to correct it’s own imbalances

Positional Release – Awareness of how you are positioned and what neutral feels like

Cupping – One of the only treatments to pull the tissue away from the body improving vitality

Kinesiotaping – providing support to tissues that are not ready to fully support themselves

PEMF (pulsed Electromagnetic field) – Improve all cellular activity and boost healing processes

ASTYM (The leader in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) – Activate the bodies healing potential

Motion Specific Mobilizations – Correct positional faults and return pain free ROM in joints

Postural Release Technique – Integration of the breath and posture for release of restricted motions

Accupressure – Mobilization of meridian systems for balanced energy transfer and regulation throughout the body

Biofeedback – Become aware of unknown restrictions and proper activation of muscles

Resonant tuning – Physical vibration to harmonize the cells within the body for improved communication

Reiki – Traditional Japanese energy healing for balance and clarity

Far Infrared heating/light – Photobiomodulation to stimulate optimal cellular functioning

Emotional Freedom Technique – The emotional connection to the physical body can not be ignored.

Happiness: Sharing is Caring 

Pay it Forward – With every treatment, accrue $5 toward services for someone who could benefit from but might not be able to afford treatment. We need to remember that the better you feel the better you can help others feel. Sometimes you have to be selfish to be selfless.