About Us

Gabriel DeBord LMT, PTA, ASTYM-Cert, CRM, CCCI, JFB Level 1 

Gabriel graduated from the Healing Arts Institute for massage therapy and was licensed in 2000. In 2008, he became a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and, in 2009, he became a Certified Reiki Master.  In 2010 he became ASTYM certified helping to fit treatments in with the shorter times  dictated by insurance companies.  Recently has been certified with JFB Myofacial release technique to remind us to take the time for lasting change. To better understand the human body and how it reacts to our environment, he has studied many other techniques and modalities from kung-fu and cupping to muscle energy technique and movement impairment syndromes. As a clinical instructor, he enjoys teaching students and passing on how much information you can learn from the body by its tissues and through its movement. The body may be confusing but it never lies.  He has over 20 years experience with working with a wide variety of conditions and body types. He continues to be in awe of the human existence and will always be learning to better suit himself and all he can come in contact with.